Summer Camps in Ireland!

Ireland is one of the countries with a high standard of living. It has a multicultural societal structure. The social life is vibrant, and the Irish people are warm and hospitable. The capital, Dublin, is a historical, cultural, and commercial center. Due to these factors, it is a preferred choice for students.

Camp Locations

  • Dublin

Our Dublin summer camp is located in the central part of the city, on the grounds of St. Louis High School, in a safe area.

  • Clare

Clare is a location that stands out with its natural beauty and cultural heritage. In our Clare summer camp, in addition to language education, art and sports programs are added according to the students' interests. The variety of sports and artistic activities makes this destination stand out.



Program Start Dates

Courses starts on Monday.

  • Summer Session Junior Programs: They are scheduled between June and August.

Program Types

  • Only Summer session option is available. 
  • Students aged 11-17 can participate.
  • Education is available in the English language
  • There is only one type of program available. 


  • English Course + Activities + Full Board Accommodation 

    Standard English courses consist of 20 lessons. The intensity of the course can be increased based on your preference.

    In addition to English courses, the program content can be enriched with environmental sustainability projects, sports, artistic activities, surfing, and horseback riding training.


    Alongside the Standard English course, 5 activities per week, half-day excursions on Wednesdays, and full-day city and countryside trips on weekends are planned within the program.


    Accommodation is provided as Homestay Accommodation (Full Board). It is an option to stay with families within the school's program. These families are carefully selected, continuously monitored by the government, and are chosen for their high-level program experiences. It allows students aged 11-17 to closely experience Irish culture.



How long are the duration of Summer School programs?

The durations vary depending on the preferred school and country. Generally, they are planned to last between 1 week and 8 weeks.


What should be considered when choosing a Summer School?

Accurate identification of desires and needs is crucial. Efficient planning of the program duration, the selected country's facilities meeting the demands, the accommodation option in the destination being suitable for the student, and the appeal of sports activities, art activities, and excursion programs to the student are important.


What activities can be added to the Summer School program as extras?

Sporting activities include adrenaline sports, water sports, tennis, horseback riding, football, surfing, etc.

Artistic activities include creative arts, fashion design, etc.

Cultural and social activities include culinary arts, amusement parks, special tours, stadium tours, etc.


How much are the fees for Summer School programs?

In Ireland, Summer School programs start at €1,750 for 2 weeks.

Why Should You Work with Edumaster?

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