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Language Schools
in France

Approximately 200 million people worldwide speak French. Of these, 128 million speak French as a native or second language, and it is known and spoken by 72 million people in 54 countries. French is an official language in 29 countries.

You can plan your language education in France as a general French course, an intensive course, private lessons, or exam preparation. While learning French, you can also participate in cultural activities to get to know French culture more closely.

School Locations in France

Accomodation in France

All schools are located in the city center, ensuring easy access to transportation. You will receive education in technologically equipped classrooms with experienced instructors who are native French speakers. School locations include:



Homestay: This is a budget-friendly accommodation option where you stay with a local family. Homestay arrangements may include breakfast only or breakfast + dinner. Staying with a host family is a great opportunity to experience French culture up close. You will have your own room and access to shared areas of the house.

Dormitory Accommodation: This is a type of accommodation where participants from different countries can stay together. Rooms can be single, double, or triple occupancy. Meals are not included in dormitory stays, but communal kitchens are often available for students to use. Bathrooms may be en-suite or shared. Students who choose dormitory accommodation have the opportunity to practice English with many other foreign students.

Student House/Apartment Accommodation: Similar to dormitory accommodation but offering a more home-like environment. Floors typically have shared areas such as kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. Students who choose this type of accommodation can practice what they learn in class with many other foreign students.


Do French language schools in France provide work permits?

No, you do not have a work permit while studying in France for language education.


Can I go to a French language school with a Schengen visa?

Yes, you can attend a French language school course with your Schengen visa for courses that do not exceed 90 days. Students with a green passport can start their education without applying for a visa for education that does not exceed 90 days.


What are the living costs in France?

Your monthly living expenses in France average around 600-800 Euros.


How much are the fees for French language schools?

The fees vary depending on the location and duration chosen. The average cost for a 1-month general French course is around 1000 Euros. Contact us for specific course durations and current promotions.

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