Continue your university education abroad!

In addition to educational opportunities, did you know that you can receive education at the world's top universities at the cost of Turkey?

Over the past few years, studying at universities abroad, which also provide opportunities for work, residence, and citizenship in the country you go to, has become increasingly popular.

Edumaster facilitates your access to the education of your dreams with hundreds of university options ranked in the top 1000 globally.

To Begin University Education Abroad, What Should I Do?

Studying for a bachelor's or master's degree abroad not only contributes to academic growth but also fosters cultural awareness, providing a global perspective. This, in turn, offers the opportunity to establish global networks. Considering the opportunities it presents, many students aspire to pursue their university education abroad. However, achieving this dream requires completing certain steps and meeting specific criteria.

Firstly, conduct preliminary research on the country and university where you wish to study. Having a general understanding of university options, the programs they offer, and their fees is crucial to assess your expectations and qualifications.

Many universities require proficiency in the language of instruction. Prepare for exams such as TOEFL or IELTS to demonstrate your language proficiency.

For a positive outcome in your application for education abroad, your academic transcript must be successful. Aim for a minimum GPA of 60 for undergraduate applications and a minimum overall GPA of 2.50 for master's applications.

Considering tuition fees, accommodation, transportation, and living expenses, make a financial plan. Choosing a country and university based on your budget will be a more realistic and accurate step.

Taking all these factors into account, the process can be complex and challenging. Edumaster International Education provides expert support to help you make the right plan, enabling you to start your dream education abroad and lay the foundation for your career.

University Application Process

Edumaster completes your international university planning according to the following steps:

  • A list of preferred majors is created in collaboration with the student.
  • The possibilities for the chosen majors in different countries and universities are discussed in detail, considering the benefits for the student.
  • Universities where the student is likely to be accepted are identified based on their profile.
  • With the student's approval, applications are submitted to the selected universities.
  • After receiving university acceptances, enrollment is completed at the best university that meets the student's preferences and benefits.
  • A visa file, including school documents and other supporting papers, is prepared with our advisory services.
  • Your accommodation is determined after receiving visa approval.
  • Discounted student flight options are presented.
  • Our consultancy services continue throughout the duration of your education.

In Which Countries Can I Get University Education?

There is no limitation on countries as long as you can meet the application requirements and costs.

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Ireland
  • European Countries are the most preferred.

As Edumaster, we provide consultancy services for all these countries.


The Best Universities in The World

You can access reputable organizations that rank the world's most prestigious universites and the lists prepared by these organizations from the links below.