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Work and Study in Dubai

Work and Study in Dubai is a program that allows you to both study and work legally in Dubai. When it comes to learning English in Dubai, most of the participants take it with a pinch of salt. Although Dubai is located on the Arabian peninsula, 90% of the people in the city can speak English. The most important reason for this is that 80% of the city population is made up of foreigners. You can learn, practice and study English in Dubai.

Why Work and Study Program in Dubai?

  • In order to participate in the Work and Study Program in Dubai, you must enroll in a minimum of 8 weeks of training. A 12-week student visa is given to the participant who registers for 8 weeks of training. Thus, the student has a work permit of 20 hours per week for 12 weeks.
  • Within the scope of the Work and Study Program in Dubai, participants mostly prefer 24-week training programs. The reason behind it is that it provides 1-year residence permit. After completing the training, the participant can continue to work by using the residence permit.
  • Unlike other work and study countries, there are no hourly wages in Dubai. Participants work on a monthly salary system. In Dubai, you can easily earn income that can cover your accommodation and living costs as long as you work.
  • Almost all of people can speak English. You can communicate in English anywhere.
  • Provides the opportunity to work compared to standard language school programs.
  • Package programs are offered. These packages include tuition fees, material fees, accommodation fees, visa fees, health insurance, and airport transfer.
  • Getting a visa is pretty easy. You will receive your visa approval within 4 weeks.
  • You do not need to add account details to the visa application file. Financial documents are not required.
  • It allows you to experience a full educational and social life with various activities.
  • The tourist density is quite high.
  • Both the flight distance is short and the cost is quite affordable.
  • In addition to a 1-year residence permit, it offers the opportunity to extend your visa for 2 more years when a work contract is submitted.

What are the Work and Study Program in Dubai application requirements?

  • Anyone over the age of 18 can participate in the program. There is no specific requirement for you to participate in the language school program. Special passport, which is green colored, holders can visit without visa approval, but they cannot work.

When to apply for Work and Study Program in Dubai?

Dubai language schools provide education throughout the year. Considering your visa process, you can make future bookings and start your application now. Visa processing time is usually 1-2 weeks. We recommend that you start your application at least 4-6 weeks in advance.


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